Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Meaning of Christmas

In an era of political correctness it has become unfashionable to say Merry Christmas, and some would rather say "Happy Holidays". So, in saying "Happy Holidays", what holiday are we suppose to be happy about? It is because of "CHRIST"MAS children get vacation from school, and employees get a couple of days off work and business throw parties. Even the federal government has declared the birth of Christ a holiday. However, the celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday has become nothing more than a marketing campaign for retail businesses that celebrate a fat guy in a red suit that promises to bring children toys if they were good for the year. Which let's face it no child receives a lump of coal.

The ACLU has made it its mission to destroy any public display of symbols of Christianity. People have forgotten that the God that made every thing known and unknown, the stars we look at at night, the sun that warms us and every wonderful thing in this world decided to lower Himself and come here as a man for the sole purpose to die at the hands of His own creation so that His perfect justice could be satisfied. His birth in a manger gave all of humanity hope... Hope that we could have a relationship with Him. "He" is the reason for this season we celebrate. He is the Perfect Gift.

So, instead of being so self consumed by what we receive, why not find those people that are the broken, the least, and the last and do something kind for them? Not for our self interest or glory but to bring glory to the Son of God. He came to serve, so let's take His example and serve others this season. Then, lets not stop on the 26th of December but lets do it every day for the next year. Let's see how many lives we can impact and change. Are you up to the challenge?

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